Hi, I’m Amina Diab. I’m a mom of 2 children ages 3.7 and 6 months. From one parent to another, this journey is the most surreal and gratifying experience but all the while a definite challenge. I’m here to make your parenting experience easier by guiding you to become the confident, capable and loving parent you know you are.

Besides being a mom, I am a child psychologist, parent educator and coach. I am also currently a doctoral researcher in Education at the University of Bath, UK. After completing my masters in child & adolescent psychology, I worked with a variety of children ranging from behavioural issues to developmental disorders. The more I worked with children, the clearer it became to me that parents are really the greatest influencers in any child’s life. In fact, it seemed only natural that child therapy should be coupled with parent coaching since a child only spends a limited time with a therapist and meanwhile, spends their entire day with family.

My certifications in positive discipline and parent coaching allow me to form the bridge between parent education and child therapy as I provide tools and proven strategies to empower parents when raising their children. My goal is to provide you with positive parenting tools for both you and your child to create a strong child-parent relationship based on the foundations of love, trust and growth.

My approach in child therapy, parent coaching and parent educator workshops is an interdisciplinary one based on three main principles:

  • Positive Discipline
  • Empowering parents & encouraging children
  • Humanistic psychology and child-centered approach