Our workshops invite you to explore new ideas and proven strategies to bring the best out of the children you influence.


What workshops do we provide?

  • Positive Discipline: The basics (Level 1)
  • Positive Discipline: Building On (Level 2)
  • Positive Discipline: Master Class (Level 3)
  • Positive Discipline: Toddler Stage (Ages 1-5)
  • Positive Discipline for Pre-teens (Ages 6-12)
  • Child Life-Span Development (from Birth – Adolescence)
  • Sensory Development and Integration
  • Development of Motor and Fine motor skills in children

*Please note that we are flexible to tailor workshop topics according to our clientele’s interest.

‘I advocate positive parenting strategies in all my workshops and aim to eradicate the use of ‘traditional’ rearing methods involving punishments, bribes and emotional neglect by highlighting their detrimental long-term effects on children’

Who can attend workshops?

We targets a wide range audience and aim to reach out to as many chid influencers as possible. We tailor our workshops to meet both the needs of parents as well as those that work in educational institutions as teachers.

Where are the workshops held?

Workshop venue varies every month according to time availability and location convenience. I do my outmost best to ensure tI provide workshops around town for convenience and accessibility wherever you may live. We can provide workshops in your institution or venue should you meet the requirements available upon request.

How can you book for a workshop?

Workshops are available on a regular basis and you can find events nearest to you by following

For inquiries on upcoming workshops or if you would like me to provide a workshop at your institution or private venue please send me an email on titled workshop in the subject field or fill out the inquiry form on our ‘contacts’ page.