3 videos explaining Autism to your children: Raising aware and tolerant kids

World Autism Awareness Day is today- a day dedicated to raise awareness on the developmental disorder is characterized by social-communication difficulties and restricted repetitive behaviors, activities, and interests. To get involved today, it seemed only fitting that awareness and acceptance should be raised primarily within our own children. It’s never too early to begin talking to your children about those with special needs and instilling acceptance. Below are great resources that you can watch with your child providing a simple explanation to Autism, demonstrating it’s characteristics and suggests tools to empower your child to show compassion around other children with special needs.

Sesame Street and Autism

Just under 2 years ago, Sesame Street introduced it’s first ever Autistic character, Julie. Since, the child-friendly show has launched several products including videos, books and workshops starring ‘Julie’ to help raise awareness on Autism in children. The below videos are highly recommended to watch with your little one.

For more information on Autism, the following links are rich in resources and content:




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