Top 5 ‘Back To School’ Stores Delivering Straight To Your Doorstep

Schools are slowly creeping in and the search has begun for the ultimate ‘school bag’ this year. With so many options and so little time, I’ve decided to 
School-Suppliessummarize all the amazing resources in Egypt that provide the best delivery service of ‘back to school’ essentials. Yes, meaning you can order your essentials from the comfort of your own home. I literally went down to every store and/or checked out their online portals before posting this to make sure what I post is available, in stock and some even on SALE! From pencil cases, to matching water bottles and of course the essential school bag pack, it’s all covered here in my top 5 stores for back to school essentials.

Before getting into this though, I would really like to highlight that I am a strong advocate of child involvement during any potential change or subjects that relate to them. Ideally, I would always advice parents to involve their kids and get them excited for their new academic year by making a trip out of picking and choosing their new school uniforms/ bags / lunch boxes – you name it. Picking your items online however, shouldn’t replace this concept. Bring them along while scrolling through the following amazing websites and social accounts and have them pick their favorite bags, choose which lunch box they prefer alongside all their other school supplies and gadgets.

hedeya 1

It’s no surprise Hedeya is on this list. Its anywhere and everywhere and has almost everything. Literally. With over 9 stores, you are bound to find a Hedeya store near your area. They also provide an excellent delivery service straight to your doorstep, either by requesting your item through their phone service or website. Hedeya provides more than 3 different bag sizes , catering from the ages of nursery all the way up to high school. Just so you get an idea of their variety, they also sell desks too, so you can provide a great learning space for your child.

Hotline: 19818


bakier logo

828432088836The first words that come to mind when thinking of Bakier– reliable and cost efficient. Somehow, while most prices are still soaring, Bakier still knows how to provide your essentials within a reasonable range that doesn’t shock you. That initial shock that got us snapping on abut ‘WOW. This bag really cost this much now? You know how much it cost when I was back in school?’

What I love about Bakier when I checked their website, is that they have ready made 459234_954958_01_front_zoom‘school list’ supplies making it easier for you to finish up your school stationary checklist in just own click. All you need to do, is pick your child’s school and grade, and voila, your supply list is already generated for you and automatically the total amount is calculated for you to pay online and receive within days. How efficient is that! Try is out and let me know your experience. In all honestly however, not all supply lists for all schools are available on their website and this may seem as a great disadvantage to this service.

Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 8.38.10 AM

For Orders & Delivery  010 112 15711


The newbie in town, but oh did they hit strong. After launching over a year ago, The Pink Elephant has really provided another twist to creativity when it comes to their choice of international products. I must also add, one great thing I love about this store is that they are always first in restocking item’s that have gotten sold out by really listening to their client needs.

Call Center: 19600

WebThe hip the pricey the classic and the cost efficient – they have the whole range. Besides your typical back to school checklist items what I personally love about baby posh is that they provide personalized designs with your child’s name that comes in different shapes and sizes according to the theme chosen. Stickers are washable, microwave and dishwasher safe too – so use freely parents; they are staying. The cherry on top- there is also a 10% discount of school bags!

For Orders & Delivery:  01203998875


nour stationery logoNour Stationery specializes in only – well you guessed it, stationary. How this works is that you send her a Whatsapp, or Facebook message with all your needed supplies for the beginning of the school year, and within a couple of days, you will find it on your door step. I have only recently discovered Nour Stationary after several reliable sources have recommended that I give her a try. After speaking to her (incredibly sweet person) I was in awe with her speedy delivery service. According to Nour, once you make an order, ideally you should find it ready and delivered straight to you within an average of 24 hours.

nour's stationary



Instagram: Nour_Stationery

Phone: 01001142555

Face book:



online stores 2



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